Charging EV in Switzerland

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Charging EV in Switzerland

Beitrag von Taddeo » Sonntag 27. Oktober 2019, 00:14

Hi everyone!
Apologize, I don’t speak Dutch.

I'm finally getting a Tesla, Model 3 LR, super excited about it!

After 10 years in US, we moved back to Europe (we are Italian) and now live in Adliswil, Zurich.

I have couple of questions about charging in Switzerland in general...

I live in an apartments with common garage, my landlord is not going to do anything for ev charging yet. So the benefit to charge at home it’s not happening right now.

Do I need to rely only on paid charger around me?

Any recommendation where the price for Kw is not too expensive? (I mean, don't get me wrong, it’s still an amazing prize compared to gas...). I found couple of stores where they have free charging (Lidl, coop...), but I'm wondering if anyone has more tips about this.

Super charger are actually cheaper than any other charging services... is this true?

Ionity seems amazing: 8 CHF and you charge as you want.

Is there any type of discount, subscription, or service that can help in this situation?

Any suggestion or tips in general would be great. I'm using Chargemap app and a couple of more app, but maybe I’m missing something more specific to Switzerland.

Thank you!

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Re: Charging EV in Switzerland

Beitrag von Ezri » Montag 28. Oktober 2019, 10:54

Hello Taddeo,

I think swisscharge is what you are looking for:

Btw. the language in the part of Switzerland where you are live is German not Dutch ;)

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Re: Charging EV in Switzerland

Beitrag von BLUΞFIRΞ » Montag 28. Oktober 2019, 21:36

Hi Taddeo

Welcome in our forum. Additionally I recommand to join our FB-group and our Slack-Channel.

Focussing on your question about charging in Switzerland: Have a look to which gives you a good overview of all available charging stations.
Another solution is which offers roaming allover europe for a good price.
Screenshot at Oct 28 21-35-37.png

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